Ski season is here, and ski enthusiasts are already jumping at the chance, right? So, is your equipment ready? Come to MAXJULI, there may be what you need!

Why you should wear ski goggles

  • Preventing eye irritation from cold winds

Skiing is often a winter activity, and at this time of year, with the cold winds blowing, it is difficult for skiers to keep their eyes open if they do not protect them!

  • Preventing UV burns to the eyes

The color white reflects all light, and ski resorts are often white, so it's easy to get vertigo, or what is known as "snow blindness," from staring at large patches of snow for long periods of time. With skiing glasses, you can effectively avoid snow blindness.

  • Blocking the impact of snow and other objects

During skiing, a lot of snow chunks and grains will splash up, and if the eyes are not protected in this process, these things can get inside the glasses.With such rapid skiing, eye discomfort can cause many people to lose their bearings, and dangers and accidents often ensue. Wearing ski goggles will keep these dangers out.

Why do you choose MAXJULI?

Sales of 100+Thousand Snow Goggles

  • 【Eye protection】All MAXJULI lenses block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays, so you don't have to worry about sunlight damaging your eyes or affecting your vision.
  • 【Anti-fog Lenses and Superior Optical Clarity】Double Layer Lens Technology with Anti-fog Coated Inner Lenses allows you to experience fog-free skiing.
  • 【Safer Material】Featuring TPU frames that are super flexible and malleable, they provide extra safety in the event of a fall or crash compared to stiffer frames.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL BREATHABILITY】Multi-air holes at the top and bottom of the frame are designed to optimize the air flow inside the lens. Ski goggles provide a smooth air circulation system that brings in fresh air and removes moisture quickly and efficiently.
  • 【Helmet Compatible Adjustable Strap】Extra long elastic strap is compatible with any helmet.


十二月 09, 2023 — LINJUN