$9.99 $19.99


性别: 男女皆宜

车架: 聚碳酸酯车架

镜片颜色: 高清塑胶镜片

紫外线等级:  100%紫外线防护


正面: 140毫米

腿长: 127毫米

宽度: 58mm

高度: 43毫米

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Our ‘Black’ sunglasses, part of the new MAXJULI ‘Canyon Collection,’ are built for anyone not afraid to strike out on their own. They boast the kind of fit and comfort demanded by those most dedicated to living in forward motion—a quintessential companion piece for the enthusiast seeking to escape the gloom and haze of everyday life and discover the clarity of mind granted by the great outdoors.


We warrant Maxjuli eyewear against defects in materials or workmanship for thelifetime of the product.What if they don' t fit? What if they don' t look right? It's okay.Maxjuli will replace or refund (with an identical or reasonably equivalent style).lf you have any suggestion about improve experience or design ,please let us know.We need your kind


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